good grief

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good grief

Postby kerravon » 2011-02-12 08:54

I was talking to a Nigerian yesterday and he was (complaining) quoting figures for laptops that were well above what they cost in Australia, and I was surprised that transportation costs were that high. I have a cheap EEE PC running Linux that cost US$300 that I use almost every day. It's good enough to get onto the internet and beats the pants out of anything else.

I had of course heard about the "one laptop per child" project, and was wondering if something less than US$300 was available, because I knew there was a goal of US$100 for the end price. I personally don't like the idea that some people are cut off from "world debate", so liked the general principle of cheap laptops for Africa.

In a search, this came up: ... later.html

"Do you remember the massive press orgy a year ago when One Laptop Per Nigerian Child debuted at L.E.A. Primary School Galadima in Abuja Model Village? How the great Foreign God held high his gift of knowledge to the poor dark-skinned children of Africa, and OLPC proclaimed:"

This is the first paragraph of an article. A foreigner is donating laptops to African schools and instead of "thanks for that, this will help us get us out of the hole we dug for ourselves and we'll be an exporter of foreign aid in 10 years from now instead of an endless consumer", he is being derided in racial terms. I mean, it's enough to say "enough already - you made your bed - you go sleep in it" and walk away. I know what you're thinking - I shouldn't judge all Africans by this one racist. That's fine. Except for the fact that this is a constant whenever I've managed to make contact with Africans and quiz their political views.

Slavery is a constant theme. Colonialism is considered an extension of slavery. If you're wondering whether they have a special day to celebrate the British Navy deciding to end the slave trade - no, they don't. In fact, no-one even knows that inconvenient bit of history. Other inconvenient bits of history like massive numbers of whites dying while killing other whites so that blacks could be free in the US similarly don't elicit some sort of "wow - you're willing to kill your own race to protect ours? - even way back then? - wow!" response.

One African told me about the problem with the KKK in America. I asked him for an estimate of what he thought the current membership of the KKK was. 30% of the US population. Estimates are about 5000 nationwide, so about 0.0016%. A problem in 0.0016% of the population (even assuming that the KKK really were the epitome of evil - rather than a white version of the Arab League) is enough for Africans to "learn" about and clearly way way oversold (next we'll be hearing that the Japanese are complaining about the massive rape problem from US soldiers, with every rape by an American dragged out for weeks on TV).

Anyway, Africans rarely have the ability to commit terrorism or harm the free world in any way, so you could just ignore the entire continent's problem with massive racism, but before doing so, I think we should at least have the decency to clearly explain to them where they currently stand so that we have some sort of "plausible deniability" when in 100 years from now they look back and say "why didn't you say/do something?".

The main problem with African racism is that it isn't restricted to whites. They do it to each other. Here's an article I recently read:

Northern tribes vs southern tribes in Ivory Coast.

When blatant racism is culturally acceptable - ie it's OK to make comments about people's skin colour and have default negative opinions instead of assuming good faith - there's no technical barrier for that same philosophy to be carried over to your countrymen. The correct thing to be doing is saying something like "racism is completely unacceptable - even against whites", and if you can get all the way up to the most hated of the most hated and still not be racist, then hopefully your countrymen will get protection of their human rights along the way too. If the Africans fall short of the pinnacle and can't forgive whites (or read a more balanced history book not authored by the Soviets, whatever), then if they drop just a little bit short of the ideal, they should be able to get their countries past the intra-country ethnic problems. It's not like the whites who haven't yet been provided with internalized protection are in imminent danger of invading African armies set to scorch the earth. Not outside of the African continent anyway, although I guess we don't want to flippantly dismiss the plight of white Zimbabweans. But like I said - the campaign would ideally cover them too.

Another thing that doesn't seem to work - Christianity. Theoretically Christians are meant to be loving their enemy. You know, like Jesus said to, and thus if you initiate attacks on innocent people (nevermind love your enemy), you'll go to Hell or something. But it simply doesn't work in practice. It's not specific to this situation. E.g. South Americans are big on Jesus statues, while at the same time hating innocent Americans (nevermind genuinely bad ones that are meant to be forgiven regardless).

All this world hatred - most importantly against complete innocents - ie initiation of conflict - cannot be solved by spreading Christianity - even if it were possible to do such a thing. So I see the challenge as - find out what was done to eliminate racism in whites (and in fact go way overboard so that we now have huge numbers of anti-white whites) - and then GENERALIZE the principle - before it gets transported to other nations.

I had an amusing conversation with a Taiwanese guy. Like almost all non-whites, the only thing he "knew" about Australia was our immigration policy from DECADES ago (aka "The White Australia Policy" - and once again, even that one single thing is largely a pack of lies in itself - the "pure" Taiwan hasn't even reached the stage of opening up immigration and integrating other Asian countries yet, nevermind open slather). And they have this quaint idea that western history books are actually accurate and professionally done, so should be copied as-is. Our history books make whites out to be permanent villains (helpful for eliminating racism in whites, so long as there is some tempering at some point), and the poor Taiwanese don't have the confidence to tell the entire Europe/America that they're full of shit and don't want to teach this negative anti-white racism to their kids. They need whites to praise white history before they can even dream of copying it.

Which means everyone is sort of stuck. The generalization that I would do from that model is for the Taiwanese to learn about sordid features of their own history so that they don't get too cocky, and largely ignore foreign history until they're adults or something and their philosophy is already internalized. It's not like books need to be banned or anything. Very few children are going to make the effort to buy a history book of a foreign nation so that they can find something bad. Kids worldwide have far better things to do, like making paper aeroplanes (ask me how I know).
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