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south sudan

PostPosted: 2011-02-16 17:29
by kerravon
A new country is about to be created:

In general, I support tearing up a country if it means some of the components are going to get a democracy. In this case, South Sudan is nominally expected to get a democracy. I'm certainly not expecting a lot from it, but I have no problem with people wanting to escape their previous dictator.

If Sudan was a democracy, I'd instead have a different opinion. Splitting a country along ethnic lines is a sign that there's a more fundamental problem of racism in the country in the first place. Which means a tough time for the minorities in the resulting components. And where there's racism, there's probably religious bigotry too. Etc etc - all papering over the problem, and the papering doesn't work anyway, instead of addressing the underlying problem.

Regardless, South Sudan - welcome to the free world, even though we can pretty safely predict that that is a temporary condition.