real inconvenient truth

Marx created a narrative. The Soviets perfected it. The West internalized it. It "explains" all evil in terms of either American or British empire-building. The only problem with it being it is a pack of lies from start to finish. This is where the history of the evolution of the free world can be honestly written.

real inconvenient truth

Postby kerravon » 2011-02-14 14:57

I can remember a comment by an (exasperated, pro-war) American, saying "is there any chance at all you (pro-war) Iraqis will ever hold a demonstration in favour of freedom?

I pointed him here: ... -iraq.html

and explained to him that his real complaint should be with his own friggin media, which covered up the most significant demonstrations in human history (the ones that showed that there were freedom-loving Arab Muslims, thus eliminating the last barrier to the ideology of worldwide liberal democracy). He has lived his whole life with the knowledge that he has a free media there. And indeed, the media is free. However, the media chooses what is important, and it is as tough as hell to say "no, this thing is important, regardless of the fact that none of the TV stations (and thus none of your friends, family, workmates or anyone else you know) think it is newsworthy". But of course it was newsworthy - that's why that American was looking for it and frustrated. Naturally he was horrified when that was pointed out to him. :-)

At the time of the demos, the media were there in force, and the bloggers were embarassed with their shitty cameras. Turns out that the bloggers aced "professional" news media by a factor of a gazillion billion to 1. Don't make assumptions. Just do the best that you can as an individual and see how it goes.

Anything that falls outside the narrative is conveniently omitted, under the (correct as it turns out) that westerners will be too stupid to spot this and organize some sort of massive checks-and-balances against their media to prevent such a horror from occurring ever again. These Iraqis risked their lives to protest, unlike the generally meaningless and anti-humanity protests normally seen in the west.
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