Hello , world!

suggestions on how to raise world GDP to ever higher levels

Hello , world!

Postby chinabirdflying » 2011-02-12 07:12

:D :) ;)
Economy is the first thing here in China.
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Re: Hello , world!

Postby kerravon » 2011-02-12 07:43

chinabirdflying wrote::D :) ;)
Economy is the first thing here in China.

By "first thing" I assume you mean "most important thing"? Or the first thing that is being addressed in China's reforms?

Interestingly, I've just been having discussions with someone today in the "Egypt" forum - who doesn't seem to think political systems are that important, and that it is the economy that is the most important foundation.

While I don't personally agree with him - in situations such as yours where political reform is not on the agenda - there's certainly no harm in making sure that (alleged) substrate is present!

I'm not an economics expert, but as far I can tell, China is already pursuing the correct (ie best anyone actually knows of) economic policies and you are likely to repeat what South Korea did. Or Taiwan for that matter. :-) There is some corruption that could be cleaned up with political reform, but if we look to Iraq, you can see that massive political reform is no guarantee of an end to corruption.

Note that the government has no magic ability to increase GDP. All it can do is set correct policies (which it has basically already done) and then it's over to the people. ie it depends on their hard work (which you are indeed doing, which is why you are indeed successful).

One thing you may not be aware of though - while you do indeed get respect for being hardworking people or technical skills or whatever - there is another level of respect higher than that. It's whether you VOLUNTARILY use any of that hard-earned money to help someone other than yourself. I noticed that China sent troops to Haiti to help them after a revolution. That's the sort of thing that gets that level of respect. Thankyou for that. And I hope you continue to participate in the forums as it's not very common to have involvement from China in these international forums and that leaves a huge hole in any discussion. :-)
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